Action Alerts

Election 2020 Action Alert!

IT'S TIME TO VOTE! A special election message from Sue Blair, CFRW President. The time is NOW. Don't wait!

Will You Call? President Trump Needs You!

Make phone calls for the GOP to support President Trump and crucial candidates for seats in Congress this November 3rd. Sign up today by following the easy instructions!

CFRW Hits 100% + In 2020 Membership

California Federation of Republican Women were able to achieve 100% membership numbers on September 23, 2020, in spite of the difficulty of achieving that during the COVID lock down.

CFRW Resolution for Endorsement of President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence

The California Federation of Republican Women is proud to ENDORSE President Donald J. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence and all Republican nominees running for Congress in the state of California.

Action Alert Election Training

Safeguard Your Ballot!

Safeguard your ballot, because we are only 45 days from the election!


The California Federation of Republican Women is proud to partner with the Young America’s Foundation(YAF) with the goal of Shaping Future Conservative Leaders.

Sidekick Online Voter Calling Training – Action Alert

It's time to take back the House starting in California! President Trump needs a Republican House!   Learn how to make fast, fun, and effective online voter calls for winnable, flippable-to-red House races using the Sidekick online voter-calling system.

Recall Newsom Action Alert

Republican Women Enter the Congressional Arena in Record Numbers

"One hundred years after securing the right to vote for women, Republican women are making history again, stepping up in record numbers to run for Congress," NFRW President Ann Schockett observed. "The NFRW is proud to see so many of our own in the arena."

CFRW Assists Mike Garcia to Victory

A big congratulations to new 25th District Congressman Mike Garcia for his win in a special election held earlier this month.