Action Alert – Happy Valentine’s Day, Mr. Speaker!

Bakersfield Republican Women, Federated continue to celebrate the election of Speaker Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield, California.  We have proudly watched Speaker McCarthy work hard for the people of the Central Valley

CFRW Accomplishments for 2020-2021

Thanks to the teamwork and respect that was established between the talented members of the CFRW Executive Committee and CFRW Board of Directors the California Federation has accomplished a great deal in the last two years.

2021 Club Membership Renewals and Gold Sheets

CFRW is accepting 2021 membership reports effective immediately. Marianne Raia, Data Center Manager, has sent 2021 Per Capita forms to all membership secretaries. CFRW is requesting that any renewals or new members you currently have for 2021 be added to the Per Capita form.

Amazing Opportunity to Grow Membership

For the first time ever, the California Federation of Republican Women is providing its clubs a list of registered Republican women by club community who are designated Hard Republicans (meaning they have voted 4 times out of the last 4 elections) within a targeted age group.

Caring For America Foundation – 2020-21

The California Federation of Republican Women is honored to focus its efforts on the Gary Sinise Foundation as our Caring for America – Military project, 2020-2021.

Summer Webinar Program

New Website

CFRW had been planning on instituting a new website for a number of years, but with the new structure of the Federation came the need to make it happen.  We had been working with our first and only website for 20 years.  After her election President Sue Blair looked long and hard until she found a small web design company in Chico, California, where the owner was a member of that town’s Republican Women Federated club.  Blair planned to have the website completed in time for the upcoming June conference, but the COVID19 lock down made it impossible to hold the conference as previously planned.  Instead CFRW held their first Summer Webinar Conference 2020. After a lot of hard work and arranging, here is the new website.  If you see any errors, be sure to ...

Updating Club Information

Some of the clubs in California Federation of Republican Women have been able to bring their group into the age of the internet, but for others this has been a bit of a struggle.  We are an all-volunteer organization and this puts pressure on people in CFRW who may not own a computer or smart phone.  We once kept information by hand with ledgers, pen and pencil, but in the modern age the old way of tracking has become outdated and in order for our organization to increase it’s membership, we must figure out a way to get around this obstacle. One of the best things you can do as a club is to find someone in the community that is  both a computer expert and a Republican, then ask them to join your club.  This isn’t the easiest thing to do, since most of the pe...