Action Alerts

Action Alert – Adopt an Overpass Program

Action Alert on the Adopt an Overpass Program for 2023. CFRW are requesting our membership get out on the overpasses of California and wave their flags to show their patriotism and in support of American Military and Emergency Responders.

Action Alert – Watch Glenn Beck on ESG

This week on his Wednesday night Glenn TV special, Glenn will delve into ESG and how large corporations are using YOUR money to fund woke agendas—while also compromising the return on your investment.

Action Alert – Happy Valentine’s Day, Mr. Speaker!

Bakersfield Republican Women, Federated continue to celebrate the election of Speaker Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield, California.  We have proudly watched Speaker McCarthy work hard for the people of the Central Valley

Action Alert – Pray for Florida

A prayer for Florida as they face Hurricane Ian in September, 2022 from Sharon Stuthard, Faith Coalition Chair for the National Federation of Republican Women.

Action Alert – 2022 CA Propositions

The California Federation of Republican Women's recommendations for Propositions on the November, 2022 Ballot.

Jumpstart June with NEW MEMBERS!

Jumpstart your Republican Women Federated club this month with our new JUMPSTART JUNE membership drive. Cash rewards for your club - go check it out!

Adopt An Overpass!

This Memorial Weekend we suggest each club "Adopt An Overpass" in your area! Join CFRW and Visalia Republican Women Federated by finding an overpass in your area and waving your American Flag.

Action Alert from Laguna Niguel RWF About Fire

CFRW has received a letter to the membership at Laguna Niguel Republican Women Federated from Club President Judy Joseph, which we have reprinted here.

CFRW Membership Secretary Stacey Backstrom Wins Award

Congratulations to Stacey (Santley) von Backstrom, who worked on several Orange County campaigns and was involved in many republican clubs as a board member, guest speaker, regarding the importance of elections and volunteer grassroots efforts.

Poll Observing & Neighborhood Teams Training

Get registered now for CAGOP and CFRW training for Poll Oberserving and Neighborhood Teams!

Action Alert – The Time is NOW for School Choice

Print the Petition, Gather Signatures, and then Mail the Petition to the Address on the bottom of the form.

Action Alert – School Choice Petitions

CFRW women can become the grassroots army needed to gather enough signed petitions to put the California School Choice Initiative on the state ballot in November and change California education!

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