Past Presidents

Name Year
Susan Blair 2020-2021
Nam Yong Horn 2018-2019
Shirley Mark 2016-2017
Roseann Slonsky-Breault 2014-2015
Carol Hadley 2012-2013
Mariann Hedstrom 2010-2011
* Kathy Brugger 2008-2009
Marianne Haydon 2006-2007
Martha House 2004-2005
Joy Stewart 2002-2003
*Shirley Foote 2000-2001
Lois J. Godfrey 1998-1999
AnnaQue Salo 1996-1997
Sheila Carroll 1994-1995
*Marcella Whitmore 1992-1993
*Ella Mae Butterfield 1990-1991
*June Wallin 1988-1989
Barbara Magleby 1986-1987
Donna Sharp 1984-1985
*Eleanor Ashmore 1982-1983
Lola Brekke 1980-1981
*Charlotte Mousel 1978-1979
*Jackie Harker 1976-1977
Marie Solberg 1974-1975
*Oma Umhey 1972-1973
* Elsa Sandstrom 1970-1971
* Angela Lombardi 1968-1969
* Virla Krotz 1966-1967
*Dorothy Goodknight 1964-1965
*Lucile Hosmer 1961-1963
*Cecil Kenyon 1957-1960
*Gladys Leggett Penland 1955-1956
*Gladys O’Donnell 1954-12/54
*Jean Wood Fuller 1951-9/54
*Mary Jasper 1949-1950
*Barbara Whittacker 1945-1948
*Jessie Williamson 1943-1944
* Edith Van deWater 1932-1942
* O. P. Clark 1925-1931
* = Deceased
* = Past NFRW President

The Beatitudes for a Federated Woman

Blessed is she who stands firmly for good government, for she shall be needed

Blessed is she who works steadily for her nation, for she shall be happy.

Blessed is she who believes in the cause she serves, for she shall be respected.

Blessed is she who gives credit to her helpers, for she shall be successful.  

Blessed is she who has faith in her fellow man, for she shall be justified

Blessed is she who, when others criticize her, and say all manner of evil about her,
has the strength of character to forgive,
the strength of purpose to carry on,
and the strength of body to continue.

For she shall be called a Leader in the Federation of Republican Women.


By Charlotte Mousel 1923-2007
President, Southern Division, CFRW 1976-1977 President, CFRW 1978-1979
Second Vice President, NFRW 1986-1989 First Vice President, NFRW 1990-1993 President, NFRW, 1994-1995
Reprinted with permission

2022-2023 CFRW President Janet Price

2018-2019 CFRW President Nam Yong Horn receives a gift of flowers from Bakersfield RWF Preident Ingrid Lake

Past CFRW President Martha House with CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson

Past Presidents Martha House, Lois Godfrey and Kathy Brugger.