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Legislative Action Alert – CA Legislature Position Letter Portal

Legislative Action Alert – CA Legislature Position Letter Portal

California Legislature – Position Letter Portal

Your voice is important – here is an easy way to be heard!

Did you know…
You can easily submit your individual support or opposition to a bill directly to the committee where it is currently being reviewed.

We encourage you to use the link below, which connects you directly to the
California State Legislature POSITION LETTER PORTAL website and to a page that allows you to send a comment OR attach a more formal position letter to the committee analysts. Once you set up your account (simply by providing your e-mail), all you have to do is enter the bill #, and make your comment or attach a pre-written letter.

CLICK HERE to go to the CA Legislature Position Letter Portal

You may notice that every bill we write about is linked to the California Legislative website. By clicking on the BILL #, you will be taken to the
text of that bill for further reading. You can also send a message directly to the AUTHOR of a bill by clicking on the tab “Comments To Author” in the group of tabs just under the bill # and title.

It is also still important to contact your local elected state representative via email, Zoom, or phone to express your opinion. Click HERE to find information on how to contact your local Assemblyperson or State Senator.

CFRW By-Laws prohibit using any RWF club/Federation identifiers when submitting a position or an associate member when using any personal electronic communication.  Please use this tool to submit your own personal opinion.  Do NOT attach your local club to your signature.


  1. Research the legislation sent in the Capitol Updates by clicking on the Bill
    #, or research bills on your own.
  2. Click HERE to access the California Legislature Position Letter Portal.
  3. Create an account using your email. Log in if you have created an account
    in the past.
  4.  Enter the Bill # and make your comment or attach a pre-written letter.  Congratulations on letting your position be heard!

For further info on any of the bills mentioned in any CFRW Capitol Update, go to and simply enter the bill # or keywords where designated.

Questions? Please e-mail


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Click HERE to go to the CA State Legislature Position Letter Portal

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