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Caring for America & Armed Services Award 2022-23

CFRW Caring for America & Armed Services Award

Since 1999 the National Federation of Republican Women has annually awarded clubs across the nation who actively participate in the Caring for America and/or Armed Services Award Programs. Whether in our own cities, across the nation or in our own state, we as Republican women can make a positive difference, thereby effectively helping others.

Share projects with other clubs in your region and talk about it at your regional meetings. The 2022-2023 Caring for America two year program may be completed individually or in collaboration with community agencies. So identify a need within your communities, whether it is being hands on, donations of goods, services AND/or monetary donations.

Let me cite some examples of how we can make a difference. Let’s start with our own communities. Meet with your regional United Way staff to identify areas where you can give. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce, whose members include non-profits. Participate or create a blood drive with your local Red Cross chapter. Besides your own communities, other examples are state and national disasters, the devastating Paradise fire in California, where almost everyone was displaced and now having to rebuild over the next several years.

There are communities that are going to need sustained supplies and/or monetary donations, such as the people suffering from Hurricane Ida in Kentucky and other tornadoes and floods destroying cities and towns. There are many accredited non-profit organizations across the nation to check out. and gives you information on the organizations.

Now the Armed Services Award allows us the opportunity to support and recognize our military, whether it be adopting a military family, contributing gift cards to families, recognizing Memorial Day, recognizing Gold Star Families or attending your community military services activities. Or volunteer at places where they send care packages to our military personnel serving overseas or give to a variety of military non-profits, such as the Gary Sinise Foundation.

So as Republican women you can be heroes. Let your communities know that Republican women DO care for others – and by the way, be awarded for your contributions.

For more information please contact Caring for America Armed Services Award Chair Pam Campeau at

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