Region 4 Director Tammy Galt

Name: Tammy Galt
Position: Director
Group: Region 4

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    Message from the Director

    Hello fellow Republican Women! It seems like yesterday that we voted on our new executive committee and structure. Much has happened since then. Even during the busy holiday season, I am proud that your executive team has been working together to hit the ground running.

    As incoming regional director for Region 4, I have attended several club meetings including officer installations and holiday parties. What a treat to see so many dedicated Republican women across the central valley.

    Region 4 has some big goals for 2020. We are a Region of Excellence and Region 4 club   presidents are confident we will meet and exceed our goals. We plan to:

    • Increase membership by a large percentage.
    • Train and engage new and returning members
    • Take advantage of technology with frequent Zoom meetings

    I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the CFRW Winter Conference in San Diego! I am specifically excited to gather for the first time as Region 4 on Saturday Feb 8.

    Region Description

    Region 4 consists of the following clubs: Bakersfield, Clovis Fresno Evening, Exeter, Fresno City County, Kings County, Latinas United, Lodi, Madera, Merced, Modesto, Ridgecrest, Southeastern Tulare County, Stockton, Tehachapi, Tracy, Tulare, Tuolumne County, Visalia and Woodlake Valley.

    Clubs in Region 4:
    Bakersfield RWF
    Clovis-Fresno Evening RWF
    Exeter RWF
    Fresno County and City RWF
    Kings County RWF
    Latinas United RWF
    Lodi RWF
    Madera RWF
    Merced County RWF
    Modesto RWF
    Ridgecrest RWF
    Southeastern Tulare County RWF
    Stockton RWF
    Tehachapi RWF
    Tracy RWF
    Tulare RWF
    Tuolumne County RWF
    Visalia RWF
    Woodlake Valley RWF