Region 3 Director Laura Riffle

Name: Laura RIffle
Position: Director
Group: Region 3

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Happy New Year!

This New Year brings some much needed changes to the California Federation of Republican Women. Going forward we no longer will be separated into Northern, Central and Southern Divisions… just as the other 49 states operate. This will bring the whole state together at one place at one time. The ladies who generally attended only their region meetings and not state meetings will now be able to socialize with woman from all over California. I look forward to meeting with the members of Region 3 at our Winter Conference in beautiful San Diego and I hope all of the Presidents and many other members will to attend, as well.
My Goal this year is to get to all of the clubs in Region 3 at least once. I have most clubs’ information but if you are going to have a speaker you think would be especially interesting please let me know and I will try to make the time for that particular meeting.
I am making this short but sweet as it has been a busy end of the year with family holiday festivities and a wedding December 30th. Happy New Year to all and I look forward to working with each of the clubs in Region 3.

Laura Riffle, Director Region 3
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