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The California Federation of Republican Women is proud to partner with the Young America’s Foundation(YAF) with the goal of Shaping Future Conservative Leaders.

Sidekick Online Voter Calling Training – Action Alert

It's time to take back the House starting in California! President Trump needs a Republican House!   Learn how to make fast, fun, and effective online voter calls for winnable, flippable-to-red House races using the Sidekick online voter-calling system.

Recall Newsom Action Alert

Republican Women Enter the Congressional Arena in Record Numbers

"One hundred years after securing the right to vote for women, Republican women are making history again, stepping up in record numbers to run for Congress," NFRW President Ann Schockett observed. "The NFRW is proud to see so many of our own in the arena."

CFRW Assists Mike Garcia to Victory

A big congratulations to new 25th District Congressman Mike Garcia for his win in a special election held earlier this month. 

President Trump Birthday Postcard Project

SEND BIRTHDAY WISHES TO PRESIDENT TRUMP Send Before June 14, 2020 Let’s show how much we appreciate our President’s efforts by wishing him a Happy Birthday! Cynthia Thacker, CFRW 3rd VP, offers some instructions below to guide you. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Click HERE to access and download the Trump Birthday Postcard artwork created by Mary Baker, CFRW Communications Director. 2. Print on heavy stock paper and crop to size. 3. Write your message on the back and address to: President Donald Trump c/o HF35 Republican National Committee PO Box 98206 Washington, DC 20077-7561 4. Sign your name and add your club’s name (please don’t abbreviate; write out the entire name of your club.) 5. Note your postcard does not need a return address. Visit USPS if you have any questions rega...

White House Letter

Dear Members of the California Federation of Republican Women,   Below are critical talking points the White House wants you to have on what President Trump has done for the people of California to combat COVID-19 and keep us safe, while rebuilding the economy. Please forward this information to your fellow Republicans.Many thanks to NFRW President, Ann Schockett, and our NFRW Region 2 Director, Vanessa LaFranco, for facilitating this important communication between the White House and the California Federation of Republican Women. Sue Blair, President, California Federation of Republican Women Thank you for your continued efforts in supporting the whole-of-America approach to respond to and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) for the benef...

We Will Remember In November!

Republicans will remember in November 2020 how the Democrat Party leadership behaved towards President Trump, in regards to the bills that needed to be passed and were hung out to dry by the Democrats, among many other treacherous acts.

Mike Garcia Wins 25th Congressional District Race!

California Federation of Republican Women (CFRW) Published by Sue Spencer Blair · May 13 ·  TWO out of TWO REPUBLICAN VICTORIES in last night’s special election in California. It doesn’t get much better than that!

We Are Proud Republican Women