Our Legislative Analyst’s track legislation and apprise us of pending legislation or propositions to be watched during the legislative term. As information changes we report via our Capitol Updates information to our membership the current status of pending legislation or propositions. If you feel strongly regarding an issue, notify the chair of our Legislative Analysts and we will try to address your concerns.

CAPITOL UPDATE #1 January 20, 2022

SB 1383 - Short-lived climate pollutants: methane emissions: dairy and livestock: organic waste: landfills

CAPITOL UPDATE #43 December 9, 2021

At the October CFRW Convention, the CFRW membership approved a Resolution firmly opposing AB 101- the bill recently passed and signed into law that makes Critical Race Theory a requirement for high school graduation beginning with the 2029-2030 graduating class

CAPITOL UPDATE #42 November 16, 2021

At the October CFRW Convention, the membership approved a Resolution to support the Water Infrastructure Funding Act of 2022 (WIFA), a Citizens constitutional amendment.

CAPITOL UPDATE #41 November 10, 2021

The next few editions of the Capitol Update will focus on a few issues of importance to us at both a state and national level. These issues are important

CAPITOL UPDATE #40 September 30, 2021

The Governor has signed or is considering signing the following bills. He has until Oct. 10,2021 to sign bills that have reached his desk. Remember too, that the Governor can allow bills to become law without his signature.

CAPITOL UPDATE #39 September 23, 2021

The Governor has signed the following bills. This is just the beginning of what other bills may be signed prior to the October 10 deadline. Remember too, that the Governor can allow bills to become law without his signature.

CAPITOL UPDATE #38 September 16, 2021

STATUS OF THE LEGISLATURE - Friday, September 10 was the last day of the legislative session where all bills had to pass out of both houses to be placed on the Governor's desk.

CAPITOL UPDATE #37 September 9, 2021

Recall Update - With only one week to go, we encourage all of you to be active with your local GOP and other recall groups. Volunteer to make phone calls and knock on doors!

CAPITOL UPDATE #36 September 2, 2021

The Legislative Session ends September 10. All bills will either be cleared to go to the Governor for signature, turned into two-year bills, or dropped.

CAPITOL UPDATE #35 August 26, 2021

COMMITTEE ON BUDGET - AB 148 (Budget) - The budget public resources trailer bill – Includes a program for distributing just under $1 billion for water and wastewater for those in the arrears on their bills.

CAPITOL UPDATE August 13, 2021

CAPITOL UPDATE #33 July 29, 2021

Recall Update: On July 21, CA Secretary of State Shirley Weber (D) released the final list of 46 candidates that qualified to run to replace Gavin Newsom in the Sept. 14 Recall Election. 

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