Region 1 Director Annette De Modena

Name: Annette De Modena
Position: Director
Group: Region 1

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Message from the Director

For those who do not know me, I am Annette De Modena, CFRW Region 1 Director for 2020-21.   How we stay in communication with each other is tantamount to our success, and I look forward to assisting you as you build stronger and stronger clubs.  Region 1 runs from the Oregon border (Del Norte and Trinity) down the coast to Marin and over to the Clear Lake and Napa areas to Yolo County.   Our clubs are quite diverse and represent a broad spectrum of individuals united with one conservative vision.

For 2020-21, CFRW will sponsor three conferences which will be educational forums instructing attendees on ways to strengthen clubs and leaders.  It is my hope to follow up with mini regional gatherings to assist clubs in building stronger internal structures.  I am excited to hear your ideas for all of our clubs.  We currently have 11 clubs in our region and are looking forward to a 12th.  Please fee free to contact me at

Region Description

From the rocky seascape of the Oregon border along California’s picturesque coastline to Marin and the San Francisco Bay, inland to include Clear Lake, Napa, Solano, and Yolo Counties, Region 1 establishes itself as a stronghold for Republican/Conservative values regardless of the political world around us.

Clubs in Region 1:
Del Norte County RWF
Fort Bragg Area RWF
Humboldt RWF
Lake County RWF
Marin RWF
Napa Valley RWF
Novato RWF
Santa Rosa RWF
Solano RWF
Sonoma Valley RWF
Upper Napa Valley RWF