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Summer Webinar Program

Summer Webinar Program



8:45 AM

Zoom Meeting Opens – Waiting Room

9:00 AM

Welcome – Sue Blair, CFRW President
Invocation – Valerie Emick, CFRW Chaplain
Flag Salute – Juli Mitchell, CFRW Americanism Chair
CFRW Greeting and Remarks by Ann Schockett, NFRW President
Opening Remarks by CFRW President Sue Blair
”Proud Republican Women” video
Voices of Women Vignette – Susan B. Anthony

Congressman and Congressional Candidate Mike Garcia
Embracing Technology – Remarks by Vanessa La Franco, NFRW Reg 2 Director
Voices of Women Vignette – Jeanette Rankin

Congressional Candidate Jay Obernolte
The Suffrage History Montage
Rebecca Kleefisch Introduction – Janet Price, CFRW 1st VP
Honored Speaker Rebecca Kleefisch
     Former Executive Director of Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission and
     Former Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin

Presentation of New CFRW Website – Sherry Gillis, CFRW Website Manager
Acknowledgments of Legislative Analysts – CFRW President Sue Blair
Voices of Women Vignette – Margaret Chase Smith

Congressional Candidate David Valadao
Remarks by Jessica Patterson, CAGOP Chair
Trump Video – “Where does Trump Get His Dumb Ideas?”
Caring for America Montage – Annette De Modena, Region 1 Director,
     for Elaine Anthony, CFRW Caring for America Chair Gary Sinese Foundation
Voices of Women Vignette– Ivy Baker Priest

Ways and Means Announcement – Debora Moore, CFRW 4th VP
Shannon Grove Introduction – Cynthia Thacker, CFRW 3rd VP
State Senator Shannon Grove – Senate Minority Leader
Congressional Candidate Buzz Patterson

Young America’s Foundation – Ingrid Lake, CFRW Scholarship Chair and
     President Bakersfield RWF Reagan Ranch video
Congressional Candidate Darrell Issa
Mamie Eisenhower Library Project – Bibi Mesmer, CFRW MELP Chair and
     President Seal Beach RWF
Voices of Women Vignette – Claire Booth Luce

Marie Waldron Introduction – Betty Scheidt, CFRW 2nd VP
Assemblywoman Marie Waldron – Assembly Minority Leader
Congressional Candidate Young Kim
Charlie Kirk video – “Trump for 2020”
Charlie Kirk Introduction – Sue Blair, CFRW President
Keynote Speaker Charlie Kirk, Founder and President of Turning Point USA

Morning Session Closing Remarks – CFRW President Sue Blair
Introduction of Surprise Guest

12:00-1:00 PM



1:00 PM

Workshop #1

Craig Huey – Ballot Harvesting

2:00 PM

Workshop #2

New CFRW Website & Facebook Training
Sherry Gillis, CFRW Website Manager

3:00 PM

Workshop #3

  • NFRW Achievement Awards 
    by Cynthia Thacker
  • CFRW 3rd VP & CFRW Achievement
    Awards Committee
  • Members Paula Yokoyama, Ana Mendez, and Pam Campeau

4:00 PM

Workshop #4

Joy Miedecke, President East Valley RWF with Guest Panelists

  • Don Dix and Tom del Beccaro

Announcements of Ways and Means Winners – Debora Moore, CFRW 4th VP

Closing Remarks, CFRW President Sue Blair

*Post Credit Scene – Mary Baker and Ingrid Lake, Producers

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