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Welcome to the California Federation of Republican Women 2022-2023

 Welcome from CFRW President Janet Price!

It is my honor to serve as your CFRW President 2022-2023. This year promises to be transformational for conservative Republican women in California and we are excited to start the groundwork!

These last two years saw necessary structural changes to CFRW as well as unparalleled accomplishments. We are now planning to build on those and make even greater strides in this important election year. 

In contrast current liberal culture which continues to divide Americans, creating a malaise of defeatism, CFRW offers hope for a brighter tomorrow. But that tomorrow begins today!

There has not been a time that has provided such a rich opportunity for us to reclaim our personal freedoms and economic opportunities. Americans can unite on wanting safe streets, open schools, secure borders, free and fair elections, respect for our military and police force, and strong families with the opportunity to freely our practice faith. We believe in the basic dignity of the individual and of all human life.

Our Republican tenets bind us together and have weathered the test of time throughout history. Yet as world history goes, we are still a young nation. We have relied on our Constitutional and foundational documents which have kept us strong and free for over two centuries. There are those whose primary aim, though, is to destroy our government, our laws and our way of life. They are bolder and busier now more than ever!

That is why there is no greater urgency than at this time to unite with one goal and one voice. We must motivate, educate and activate!

As you peruse this website, you will see the many choices you have to be involved. You will read about the Federation’s history, our many and varied activities and events including how we support candidates and legislation, register Republican voters plus much more!

Wherever you live in the state, you can find a club near you. Click on the map and you will see your choices. Do get involved and you will find how needed and appreciated you are.

“Tomorrow Begins Today!”

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