White House Letter

Dear Members of the California Federation of Republican Women,   Below are critical talking points the White House wants you to have on what President Trump has done for the people of California to combat COVID-19 and keep us safe, while rebuilding the economy. Please forward this information to your fellow Republicans.Many thanks to NFRW President, Ann Schockett, and our NFRW Region 2 Director, Vanessa LaFranco, for facilitating this important communication between the White House and the California Federation of Republican Women. Sue Blair, President, California Federation of Republican Women Thank you for your continued efforts in supporting the whole-of-America approach to respond to and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) for the benef...

We Will Remember In November!

Republicans will remember in November 2020 how the Democrat Party leadership behaved towards President Trump, in regards to the bills that needed to be passed and were hung out to dry by the Democrats, among many other treacherous acts.

We Are Proud Republican Women

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