Our Legislative Analyst’s track legislation and apprise us of pending legislation or propositions to be watched during the legislative term. As information changes we report via our Capitol Updates information to our membership the current status of pending legislation or propositions. If you feel strongly regarding an issue, notify the chair of our Legislative Analysts and we will try to address your concerns.

CAPITOL UPDATE #15 April 8, 2021

An omnibus bill is a single document that is accepted in a single vote by a legislature but packages together several measures into one or combines diverse subjects; because of their large size and scope, omnibus bills limit

CAPITOL UPDATE Special Edition April 6, 2021

SPECIAL EDITION UPDATE ON CALIFORNIA REDISTRICTING: WHY IT MATTERS AND HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE! Redistricting is the once every decade practice across the U.S. of redrawing state and federal voting boundaries, with the goal being equal distribution of voters, based on the most current census information.

CAPITOL UPDATE #14 April 1, 2021

HEARINGS: The following bills are up for hearings- click on the link that follows to listen/watch the items that interest. AB-125: Equitable Economic Recovery, Healthy Food Access, Climate Resilient Farms, and Worker Protection Bond Act of 2022 - Hearing has been set for April 15, 2021 at 10:30 a.m.

CAPITOL UPDATE #13 March 25, 2021

INFRASTRUCTURE AB 1510 - UNAUTHORIZED WORKERS; ESSENTIAL WORKER AND ECONOMIC STABILITY ACT OF 2021- Current federal law regulates immigration. Current STATE law establishes the Employment Development Department (EDD), which is vested with duties; one being job creation and unemployment compensation.

CAPITOL UPDATE #12 March 18 2021

AB-53- Election Day Holiday- This bill would require community colleges and public schools to close on any day on which a statewide general election is held. The bill would require that state employees, with specified exceptions, be given time off with pay for days on which a statewide general election is held.

CAPITOL UPDATE #10 March 4, 2021

INFRASTRUCTURE: AB 823- High-speed Rail Authority: trains powered by fossil fuel combustion engines. This bill would prohibit the High-Speed Rail Authority from directly or indirectly using local, state, federal, or any other public or private funding to purchase, lease, operate, or maintain a

CAPITOL UPDATE #9 February 25, 2021

EDUCATION: AB 76- Interdistrict transfer of pupils: prohibition on transfers by a school district of residence: in-person instruction - This bill would prohibit a school district from prohibiting the transfer of a pupil who is not receiving in-person instruction.

CAPITOL UPDATE #8 February 18, 2021

Healthcare: AB-97 – Insulin Affordability- States the Legislatures' intent to enact legislation to make insulin more affordable for Californians. No further information is available.

CAPITOL UPDATE #7 February 11, 2021

Let's start this week's edition with a prime example of the Democrats' call for "unity" being put into practice. Assembly Resolution 18 ( AR 18) – Resolved by the Assembly of the State of California, that the following Members of the United States Congress be permanently banned from being granted the privilege of access to the floor in the Chamber of the California State Assembly:

CAPITOL UPDATE February 4, 2021

State Budget Natural Resources.  Of the $7.4 billion allocated, $60 million is for sustainable groundwater management. 

CAPITOL UPDATE January 29, 2021

Here are the bills we are following for you: TAXES: AB 243- Personal income tax: deduction: medical expenses. The Personal Income Tax Law allows various deductions for the medical and dental...

CAPITOL UPDATE for January 24, 2021

Governor Newsom released his proposed 2021/2022 budget on January 8th before the required deadline of January 10.