Our Legislative Analyst’s track legislation and apprise us of pending legislation or propositions to be watched during the legislative term. As information changes we report via our Capitol Updates information to our membership the current status of pending legislation or propositions. If you feel strongly regarding an issue, notify the chair of our Legislative Analysts and we will try to address your concerns.

Capitol Update Governor Newsom & Coronavirus Series Issue #3

MARCH/APRIL 2020 Governor Newsom Takes Executive Action to Establish a Statewide Moratorium on Evictions. N-37-20 (March 27, 2020). This executive order banned the enforcement of eviction orders for renters

Capitol Update – Governor Newsom & Coronavirus Series Issue #2

MARCH 2020 Governor Newsom Issues Executive Order to Suspend Standardized Testing for Students in Response to COVID-19 Outbreak (3/18/20) This order waives, pending federal approval, this year's statewide testing for California's more than 6 million students in K-12 schools.

Capitol Update November 2, 2020

California Issues Directive to Fight COVID-19. N-35-20 (3/4/20)  Gave authority to the State Dept. of Health for the duration of the declared emergency to waive any of the licensing and staffing requirements to any clinic, adult day care, health care, hospice or mobility health care unit

Capitol Update News for October 30, 2020

The following ballot initiative recommendations have been announced and published several times and can also be found on the CFRW website.

Capitol Update October 15, 2020

PROPOSITION 22  -  App Based Drivers as Contractors & Labor Policies InitiativeCFRW Executive Committee Recommends

Capitol Update October 8, 2020

A quick run through of California Propositions 14 and 16 by CFRW Legislative Analyst Gretchen Cox.

Capitol Update October 1, 2020

Please share these important voting rules and ballot suggestions for the November 3 election. Also, for your convenience, we have included the Propositions recommendation by the California Republican Women Federated.

Capitol Update September 24, 2020

VOTE NO TO REPEAL Senate Bill 10. Keep monetary bail.  Monetary bail has worked effectively throughout America's history to ensure that a suspect who is released on bail before trial will keep his or her promise to return to court for trial.

Capitol Update September 17, 2020

Proposition 15 AKA "Calif. Schools and Local Communities Funding Act" / AKA "Tax on Commercial and Industrial Properties for Education and Local Gov't. Funding Initiative" / AKA PROP. 13 SPLIT-ROLL TAX INCREASE

Capitol Update September 10, 2020

Midnight, August 31, 2020 marked the end of one of the most "unique" legislative sessions in the State's history.  Our "one party" state started the year off with hundreds, if not thousands, of bills...

Capitol Update September 3, 2020

PROPOSITION 22 - App Based Drivers as Contractors & Labor Policies Initiative. In the 2019 Legislative Session, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, a San Diego Democrat, proposed AB-5 which would control contract labor. 

Capitol Update August 27, 2020

In 2018, California lawmakers passed landmark legislation, the California Consumer Privacy Act, to give California the toughest privacy laws in the country to protect consumer information.