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CAPITOL UPDATE #10 March 24, 2022

March 24, 2022

California Federation of Republican Women
Janet Price, President

        Submitted by the CFRW Legislative Analyst Committee        
Karen Contreras, Gretchen Cox, Elaine Freeman, 
 Theresa Speake, and Cheryl Sullivan

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AB-1631 – Election:  Election Officials
Current law requires the Secretary of State to adopt uniform standards regarding the training of precinct board members, including languages that may be encountered by a poll worker during the course of an election. 

This bill would state the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation to require the usage of bilingual polling place workers at appropriate precincts given the language needs of the voters. 

AB-1771 – The California Housing Speculation Act: Income Taxes: Capital Gains: Sale or Exchange of Qualified Asset: Housing
This bill imposes a 25% tax on all net capital gains from the sale or exchange of homes or other property.  It specifically targets short-term investors (tax house flippers and speculators) who buy homes and other properties, keep them for some time and sell them for a profit a short time later. 

While the tax may be reduced if significant time has passed, those who buy and sell property within three (3) years would need to pay the tax.  The bill would take effect immediately as a tax levy for all taxable years beginning in 2023.  All revenue would go to the Speculation Recapture Community Reinvestment Fund.
As AB-1771 would result in a tax change, a 2/3 vote of each house would be needed to approve the bill.  Since capital gains taxes are already collected under these circumstances, this seems like a duplicative tax.

AB-2229 – Peace Officers: Minimum Standards: Bias Evaluation
Existing law requires peace officers in this state to meet specified minimum standards, including, among other requirements, that peace officers be evaluated by a physician and surgeon or psychologist and found to be free from any physical, emotional, or mental condition that might adversely affect the exercise of the powers of a peace officer. 

This bill would require that evaluation to include bias against race or ethnicity, gender, religion, and sexual orientation in jeopardy of discrimination.  This bill would declare that it is to take effect immediately as an urgency statute.  This bill could place those with religious beliefs at a distinct disadvantage.  Existing law requires the minimum education requirement is a high school graduation from a public school or other accredited high school, passing an equivalency test or high school proficiency examination or attaining a 2-year, 4-year or advanced degree from an accredited institution.

This bill would revise the accreditation standards to include an organization holding full membership in Cognia.  This is a non-profit company that evaluates and determines accreditation.

AB-1638 – Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Law:  Suspension of Tax
Existing law, the Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Law, imposes a tax upon each gallon of motor vehicle fuel removed from a refinery or terminal rack in this state, entered into this state, or sold in this state, at a specified rate per gallon. This bill would suspend the imposition of the tax on motor vehicle fuels for 6 months.

The bill would direct the Controller to transfer a specified amount from the General Fund to the Motor Vehicle Fuel Account in the Transportation Tax Fund. By transferring General Fund moneys to a continuously appropriated account, this bill would make an appropriation. This bill would declare that it is to take effect immediately as an urgency statute.

UPDATE:   AB-1599 – Proposition 47 Repeal
This bill would have lowered the threshold for grand theft, fraud, theft, and several other crimes. This bill was killed in the Public Safety Committee last week by the Democrats.

For further information on any of the bills mentioned here, click the Bill # in the email. Or you can CLICK HERE and simply enter the bill # or keywords where designated.

Find/contact your local Legislators, click HERE to inquire about or let them know your opinion about bills or issues.

To contact your U.S. Representatives, call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121

Listen to hearings on bills that interest you – 

Calif. Legislative Portal links- Express your support or opposition to a bill or directly to the Legislative committee currently reviewing it (as an individual, not as a member of RWF or CFRW)– click here, or the bill’s author- click hereenter your bill # and look for tab at top of the bill page labeled “Comments to Author”

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