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Capitol Update May 6, 2020

May 6 , 2020

California Federation of Republican Women
Sue Blair, President

By Rachel Martin, NFRW/CFRW Legislative Analyst l Homeland Security

Reopening California is moving slowly but it appears Governor Newsom is prepared to move into the early Stage 2 phase which means a gradual reopening this Friday, May 8 of lower-risk workplaces with adaptations including bookstores, clothing stores, florists and sporting goods stores, with modifications. 

Since  Governor Newsom’s Shelter-in-Place order, crime is on the rise in California. Lost jobs, lost income, and increased stress are all contributing factors but the numbers will most likely increase because of the Governor’s decision to release 3,500 inmates from jails and prisons with plans to release another 3,000. He claims to be concerned about the impact COVID-19 could have on the inmate population.

What about mitigating the harm these released convicted prisoners might commit on law abiding Californians? What about mitigating the harm to first responders who might be impacted by these crimes? What about our rights? What about our safety?California Highway Patrol, as well as all Police and Sheriff Departments statewide are on high alert and on standby ready to protect the citizens of California. The FBI is vigilant in arresting those who are using the virus to scam individuals, businesses, and the government out of money.

The FBI is warning of heightened online child exploitation during the COVID-19 pandemic due to the increased online presence of children. For more information on the FBI’s guidance on child exploitation and protecting your kids visit: Protecting Your Kids. You can also give your kids “Safe Online Surfing” fun and learning set up by the FBI by visiting:

Five weeks ago, in a meeting with many FBI leaders, it was revealed the evidence did not show the virus was an attempt at Bio-terrorism. Rather it was viewed as an accidental infection through contact/consumption of a wild animal.  Now U.S. intelligence has revised its January assessment in which it “judged that the outbreak probably occurred naturally” to include the possibility the novel coronavirus emerged “accidentally” due to “unsafe laboratory practices” in the central Chinese City of Wuhan where the pathogen was first observed late last year. 

Several COVID-19 Bills were presented on the floor Tuesday, May 5. One Bill imposes restrictions and sanctions on Chinese leaders who prevented information of the outbreak from being released and shared with other countries. This is an important Bill, because leaders  from China went as far as charging imprisonment or death to those who leaked the information outside of China. It is imperative the U.S. along with other nations hold China accountable for their actions.  

Pray for our medical teams, first responders, military, and our President. #GodBlessTheUS!  

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