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Capitol Update – Gov Newsom & Coronavirus Series Issue #5

November 18, 2020

California Federation of Republican Women
Sue Blair, President

By Elaine Freeman, CFRW Legislative Analyst

Governor Newsom Signs Executive Order to Expand Support for Vulnerable Populations

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(04/7/20)- This order was intended to provide additional support for older adults and younger children.  Case workers can continue their work and be able to care for older adults as well as individuals with disabilities.

Governor Newsom Signs Executive Order on Upcoming Elections (04/9/20) – This executive order applied to three special elections for May and allowed them to be held by mail-in ballot. Local election officials can make in person voting available in a manner consistent with public health and safety guidelines.

Governor Newsom Signs Executive Order on Division of Juvenile Justice Discharge and Reentry Process
(04/14/20) – This order stated that eligible juveniles serving time can be discharged expeditiously. Hearings can be held via videoconferencing. Shortens youth legal counsel time frame before holding a discharge hearing and other accommodations.

Governor Newsom Announces New Initiatives to Support California Workers Impacted by COVID-19
(04/15/20) – Expands call center hours at the Employment Development Department. Implements a one-step shop for those applying for pandemic unemployment assistance. Provides $75 million in State aid disaster relief assistance funding for migrant workers affected by Covid. Also, is looking for philanthropic partners to commit to raising an additional 50 million to support
undocumented Californians.

Governor Newsom Announces Paid Sick Leave Benefits for Food Sector Workers Impacted by COVID-19, Additional Protections for Consumers
(04/16/20) This order give two weeks supplemental paid sick leave to certain food sector workers if they are subject to quarantine or isolation order or medical leave. Also calls for increased hand washing.

Governor Newsom Signs Executive Order on Actions in Response to COVID-19 (04/16/20 ACTIONS IN REPONSE TO COVID-19
This executive order covers various sectors of the population. It addresses upcoming admissions criteria for the CSU system, background checks for essential workers and deadline extensions for real estate licenses.  Allows the Dept. of Justice to perform name-based background checks to protect health and safety workers and avoid delays in processing employment for critical sectors. Also allows stimulus checks to flow directly to custodial parents owed back child support. Allows licensed food trucks to be able to temporarily operate in roadside rest areas for a period of 60 days. Caltrans was charged with determining the rules for operation of the food trucks.

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