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CAPITOL UPDATE #20 – May 6, 2021

May 6, 2021

California Federation of Republican Women
Sue Blair, President

        Submitted by the CFRW Legislative Analyst Committee        
  Gretchen Cox, Elaine Freeman, Lou Ann Flaherty,
Val Emick, Theresa Speake, & Arlene Wolgomuth

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Let’s start this week’s Capitol Update off with something warm and fuzzy,
shall we? Who doesn’t love pets?


SB 344- Homeless shelters grants: pets and veterinary services- This bill would REQUIRE the Dept. of Housing and Community Development to implement and administer a grant program for qualified homeless shelters to provide shelter, food and basic veterinary services for pets owned by homeless people. This bill is in suspense in the Appropriations committee, meaning it will get a fiscal review at the same time as other bills with a significant fiscal impact on the state budget.


SB 583: Elections: Voter registration: Ca. New Motor Voter Program- This bill would require the Department of Motor Vehicles to transmit specified information to the Secretary of State with respect to a person who, when submitting an application for a driver’s license or identification card, provides documentation demonstrating United States citizenship and that the person is of an eligible age to register or preregister to vote, among other requirements. Set for a hearing on May 10.


SB 321: Employment Safety Standards: household domestic services. Existing law, the California Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1973, requires employers to comply with certain standards ensuring healthy and safe working conditions, as specified. Existing law defines “employment,” for purposes of the act, to include the carrying on of any trade, enterprise, project, industry, business, occupation, or work, including all excavation, demolition, and construction work, or any process or operation in any way related thereto, in which any person is engaged or permitted to work for hire, except household domestic service. This bill would delete the above-described exception for household domestic service, thereby making it subject to the act.


Senate Budget Plan on Drought, Safe Drinking Water, Water Supply Reliability and Ratepayer Assistance. The total is $3.41 billion in one-time state and federal funds (Federal American Rescue Plan funds, one-time state general fund and appropriation of general obligation bonds from Proposition 1 and 68. The budget process requires the Governor to have what is known as “the May Revised” and requires an approved budget by July 1. Here is a portion of what it will contain: (1) Sustainable Groundwater Management: $350 million – $100 million in Grants that support implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act and $50 million for Wildlife Conservation grants. (2) Protecting fish & wildlife from drought impacts- $285 million – Grants for the guidelines for Streamflow Enhancement Program for the purposes of protecting fish and wildlife and grants for Inland Wetlands Conservation programs to protect fish and wildlife. (3) Helping Ratepayers, Community Water Systems, Waste Water Treatment Works and Public Utilities Recover from COVID-19 Economic Impacts: $1 billion – To help utility customers and utilities address backlogged bills; accelerate appropriation of existing water bond priorities under Propositions 1 and 68 and urge the Water Commission to convene and reallocate $145 million in existing Proposition 1 funds originally set aside for Temperance Flat Dam for other sustainable water storage investments in the Central Valley.

The More We Know…

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