Volunteer Hours Form FAQ

Q: Why does it say “State: California Region 2, Janet Price, President” at the top of the page?
A: Because California is in Region 2 of the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW).

Q: Gee, there don’t seem to be many questions on this form. What’s the deal?
A: Click the time period and a drop down box for your club’s name will appear. Find your club name, click it, and the rest of the form will appear. We’ve done this to make sure you report your time and club, which is vitally important information.

Q: The dates on the Time Period section go back into the second half of 2021? Do I need to report for that period?
A: Yes! NFRW wants all of the clubs in the United States to report for 2021. This is very important, because we want every club to get credit for all of the hard work they do!

Q: How do I pick my club from the drop down box?
A: Click on the box and an alphabetical list of clubs will appear. Use your up and down keys on your computer to find your club and click on the name. You can also use your mouse to grab the scroll bar on the right and slide it down until you find your club, then click the club name.

Q: What is a “Primary Member” of a Club?
A: You are a Primary Member of the one club you have joined as a full member. If you join any other club after that, you can only be an Associate Member of that club.

Q: Which Associate Members should be reported on this form?
A: Please report all Associate Members that have paid to be associates of your club.

Q: Can an Associate Member be the top contributor for a club?
A: No. Only Primary Members can be the top contributor in any of the categories for a club.

Q: Do I need to fill out all of the fields on this form?
A: All of the fields that are required have a red asterisk, indicating that the question must be answered in order to move forward. If your club did not make any phone calls, for example, then just put the number zero (0) in the field for that question.

Q: I have a question that is not answered here. Where can I get help?
A: Please send any questions about the Volunteer Hours Form to Region 5 and PAL Chair Nancy Wofford at Region5@cfrw.org and she’ll be glad to help.