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Trump Talk Training

Trump Talk Training
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Cynthia Thacker, CFRW Third Vice-President,
invites all CFRW members to a special

TrumpTalk Training

for the 2020 CFRW TEAM
Let’s help our President win!

Learn how to make fast, fun, and effective online voter calls
into the swing states!

Susan Silver from Santa Monica RWF
will be conducting the live, step-by-step TrumpTalk training.

Click here to RSVP

There are two training dates available – choose ONE:

Friday, August 28 – 1 pm
Saturday, August 29 – 10am
For questions contact
Cynthia Thacker, CFRW 3rd Vice President

Click HERE to RSVP for TrumpTalk Training

Your invitation to Make a Difference!

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