Membership Promotion

CFRW Membership Promotion

Betty Scheidt
CFRW 2nd Vice President
Membership Challenge

Making Membership Happen!

Membership promotion is marketing. Voters are our customers, and women are our targeted customer audience. To attract our target customer talk to women about the benefits of membership. We have informative speakers, networking with like minded women, exciting fundraisers, community service activities, student scholarship opportunities, political access, education and involvement. Once you get them interested stay in contact with your audience. Most important, have enthusiasm for your club, enthusiasm for the Federation and enthusiasm for being a Republican!

Lots of great and new ideas at the NFRW Members Only Resource Center:

  • NFRW Membership Promotion Use the 1 + 1 Table Tent at your events
  • Be Seen and Be Active
  • Attend all Federated events,
  • Central Committee meetings and community events.
  • Work phone banks!
  • Walk precincts, participate in street fairs and festivals, registering voters and getting the word out about your club.
  • Always take membership brochures and club applications with you.
  • Participate in local community parades using your club banner.

Other suggestions:

  • Research new resources to recruit women such as, professional organizations, business meetings/conferences, church groups, college alumni groups, coalition groups.
  • Don’t wait for women to come to you. Go out and market your Federated club!

Membership Promotion Tips

  • There are many new tools available and you can learn about them by attending your local Republican County meetings.
  • Host a special membership event a few times a year. Follow up with potential members who attend.
  • Sponsor a friend or a non-Federated woman to a fundraiser or candidate event.
  • Encourage your members to bring guests to all your meetings. Have a membership contest.
  • Be sure you develop a club website to reach out to the community.
  • For more tips on recruiting from the NFRW Diversity Committee Publication, download the NFRW Diversity and Outreach document.
  • Be sure all members/guests are greeted and made to feel welcome. No one should be left standing alone in a corner; you want the women to return and become a member!
  • Think about starting an evening satellite group to attract women who can not attend daytime events.
  • Form a club greeting team at your next meeting.
  • Be prepared with name tags for your guests and potential members. (make sure your members have name tags as well)
  • Sell advertising spaces in your club’s newsletter to share the business of your membership. Most clubs sell advertising only within their membership.
  • Patronize your members’ businesses. Be aware of 527 rules on selling ads in newsletter, consult with the CFRW 527/Income Tax Chairman.
  • Sponsor a friend or a non-federated woman at a fundraiser or candidate activity.
  • Encourage your members to invite guests to all your meetings
  • Carry copies of our membership brochure in your pocket or purse. Contact the CFRW Office for Membership Brochures
  • Download CFRW Membership Brochure
  • Download CFRW Membership Brochure 2018
  • Membership Brochure – order form
  • Satellite Club Workshop
  • Maintaining your Membership

Make Sure Your Members Renew!

  • Membership promotion does not stop when a member joins, that is only the beginning. Ask new members (all members) about their interests, talents, hobbies. Get and keep your members interested and involved!
  • Invite and welcome all members to attend county/region, division, state meetings to learn more about the Federation.
  • Involve your members in focus groups and discuss how we can make meetings better. Gather suggestions on club activities. Listen & Engage!
  • If a member misses 2 consecutive meetings, give them a call. Make that member feel important. Never give a missing member an opportunity to not renew next year!
  • Develop a mentoring program so new members feel more welcome and also help them grow to be our leaders of tomorrow.
  • Very Important! No one wants to be part of an organization whose members are angry, or negative.
  • We need to stay positive, on message and always look at the glass as half full! Remember, as Republican women we are always part of the solution, we should never be part of the problem.
  • Once we have members we need to nurture and involve them in our activity. All members can contribute their talents at many levels when given the opportunity. Let all your members know they are welcome at county, division and state meetings
  • Collect email addresses so you can have quick communication when you need to involve your membership especially those who cannot attend meetings. Ask those who have email to contact a few by phone or fax to reach those who are not active on line.
  • Make sure you have a club photographer and prepare your pictures to share at various events
  • Vary your activities, times of meeting and methods of communication to reach the age spectrum of your membership.
  • For additional information or questions on Membership Promotion please contact the CFRW Membership Promotion Chair

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