Issues and Action

Legislative Analysts and the Federation

Our Legislative Analysts analyze bills in process in our State Assembly and Senate. We supply the following links for you to access some of the bills which we monitor throughout the legislative year and will continue to watch if they return in the next session.

California State Legislative Info

When it becomes necessary to try and influence a vote favorable to CFRW’s position on a specific bill pending in our state legislature or other action item the State President is called upon to reach every member of the executive committee with a request for action. Upon approval, we then call an Action Alert.

The Action Alert is CFRW’s statewide hotline network designed to inform and urge a request for action on a specific legislative issue. As a member of the Federation, you become an important team player in our Action Alert program. You may be called upon to contact your legislator urging a key vote. Once you are contacted, treat the call as an emergency and follow through immediately. Sometimes we have only 24 to 48 hours to make an impact. The success of the Action Alert hinges on reliable people at each level of the network.

Another way we reach our legislators is through activation of letters, fax, email and telephone calls on the federation’s position, either pro or con, on specific bills pending. When time is of the essence we reach our membership through our newsletters or for education through our legislative analyst’s Capitol Update.