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Capitol Update Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Capitol Update Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Allison Olson, CFRW Advocate

Capitol Update
Tuesday, January 21, 2020

California Federation of Republican Women
Sue Blair, President

Dem Majority Priorities

The Legislative Democrats and Governor Gavin Newsom have made their bill and budget priorities clear this year; tackle homelessness, housing, and climate change. But their solution is to throw more money at each of these issues. With the current budget’s surplus, Governor Newsom is proposing adding new state departments. At least 25 new government entities have been proposed, from the Department of Cannabis Control to the Office of Health Care Affordability. Governor Newsom has already expanded government, include the governor’s office itself, increasing spending by 22 percent. The creation of these new government departments will cost the taxpayers upwards of $50 million to $100 million a year, when the budget is all said and done. Assemblyman Olbernolte’s (R, Big Bear Lake) office found in this year’s budget proposal at least 25 new government entities- this includes departments, offices, programs, task forces, and divisions. Expanding state bureaucracies will only lead to more inefficiency, duplication of services, and when the state inevitably faces a recession, these new offices will be difficult to cut. The Governor and Legislative Democrats need to get their priorities- and how to pay for them- straight.

GOP to Newsom

Last week, California Republican Party Chairwoman Jessica Patterson wrote a hard-hitting editorial in CALMatters. She called out Governor Newsom in all the ways he has failed Californians his first year in office. In it, she writes, “Gov. Newsom has had a full year, and a supermajority of Democrats in the Legislature. And yet with this power and ability to fix California’s pressing problems, I must give Gov. Newsom a solid F for his first year in office.” We agree! Read the full article HERE and please share it far and wide! Copy and paste it into an email to blast out to family and friends, share it on Facebook and Twitter, do what you must do to let Californians know what is truly going on in Sacramento!

Repeal AB 5!

In less than one week, employees, employers, independent contractors, small business owners, and hard-working Californians will converge on the Capitol steps to support the repeal of AB 5. As you will recall, AB 5 was forced through the legislature last year, with powerful union backing, as it reclassifies most independent contractors as employees for many businesses in California. Read more on that with this excellent commentary from Ed Ring of the California Policy Center HERE. Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R, Roseville) is leading the charge in the repeal of AB 5, and has introduced a constitutional amendment that effectively destroys AB 5, called the Right to Earn a Living law. ACA 19 was introduced on January 15th and it would nullify all conflicting legislation and regulation on independent contracting and would also address superfluous licensing for vocational workers in California. If you can attend, please head to the Capitol on January 28th at 10am on the North steps to help send a message to the Democrats and their union cronies. AB 5 hurts blue collar Californians, their families, and small businesses! Or sign the petition to Repeal AB 5 HERE.

CFRW Winter Conference

In just a few weeks our first California Federation of Republican Women’s conference of the new decade is here! Mark your calendars for February 7-9th! We are excited to annouce that Senator Tim Scott (R, South Carolina) will be our keynote speaker at our banquet in beautiful San Diego! You won’t want to miss our dinner harbor cruise, all the engaging workshops, and the first conference of the official Federation restructure! CLICK HERE to register and for all other pertinent information.

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