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Capitol Update October 1, 2020

 October 1, 2020

California Federation of Republican Women
Sue Blair, President

By CFRW Legislative Analysts

Important Voting Information from CFRW
Please share these important voting rules and ballot suggestions for the November 3 election. Also, for your convenience, we have included the Propositions recommendation by the California Republican Women Federated. See below.
Check right now with your county Voter Registration Office to see if you are registered. Believe it or not this can change. If you are not registered do so immediately
Check registration status in one week after registering and just before you vote.
Never destroy your mail in ballot or throw it away
Do NOT write or mark on ballot other than your choices (marks on ballot will mean they have to read by hand which may take days. If you accidentally “ruin” your ballot, take it to the registrar and early vote or SURRENDER IT at a polling place on Election Day. 
Do not use the US Postal service to return ballot use drop off box or polling place. 
Do not forget to sign the back of your envelope if using the mail or a drop box, and fill in the section if someone else is dropping off your ballot. 
If you want to vote at an election poll you MUST have your mail in ballot with you to SURRENDER. Your mail in ballot is your only first vote.
Check the voter registrar to see if your ballot has been received before election day if you choose to vote early

If you do not receive your ballot in the mail, do not wait!  Contact your voter registrar or go in person.
You may vote at an in-person poll with a Provisional Ballot but be aware these may take days to verify information on the ballot. Check Provisional status @
Check or track mail in ballot status @
Your ballot must be postmarked by 8 PM on Election Day
What happens if you lose your vote by mail ballot. You can

  1. request a replacement ballot by contacting your county elections office;
  2. vote in person at your designated polling place on Election Day and your ballot will count once the election official verifies that you have not already mailed in your ballot; or
  3. vote in person at your county elections office starting 29 days before Election Day.

To find your elections officials contact information visit:

DO you believe what the fake News says about there being no voter fraud? Check out this article…..

CFRW Executive Committee Recommends:                                  

CA Proposition 14
CA Proposition 15
CA Proposition 16
CA Proposition 17
CA Proposition 18
CA Proposition 19
CA Proposition 21
CA Proposition 23

CA Proposition 24
CA Proposition 25


CA Proposition 20
CA Proposition 22
Happy Voting!!! – CFRW Legislative Analysts

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