CAPITOL UPDATE #18 May 19, 2022

Governor Newsom released his May revised budget on Friday the 13th. Hope that isn't a bad omen. The budget is over $300 billion, with a surplus of about $98 billion. The proposed budget is complex but here are some of the items that may be of interest.

Adopt An Overpass!

This Memorial Weekend we suggest each club "Adopt An Overpass" in your area! Join CFRW and Visalia Republican Women Federated by finding an overpass in your area and waving your American Flag.

Action Alert from Laguna Niguel RWF About Fire

CFRW has received a letter to the membership at Laguna Niguel Republican Women Federated from Club President Judy Joseph, which we have reprinted here.

CAPITOL UPDATE #17 May 12, 2022

Currently, there are four (4) ballot initiatives that have qualified for the November 2022 election.  Ballot initiatives appear only during a general election in November. 

CAPITOL UPDATE #16 May 5, 2022

SB-1384 – GUN STORE REGULATIONS This bill requires all licensed firearm dealers to have a digital video surveillance system meeting certain standards, to have general liability insurance coverage of at least one million dollars, and to require certain training for all employees annually. 

1st Quarter 2022

Read the "California Reporter" newsletter for the 4th Quarter, published by the California Federation of Republican Women on December 30, 2020. This newsletter is for CFRW members only.

CFRW Leads the Way on Social Media

CFRW Club Presidents are encouraged to visit and utilize CFRW’s social media platforms for a variety of reasons: CFRW posts to a number of social media platforms several times every day, 7 days a week, so your club can “Share” what we are posting and it makes it easier for your social media manager to come up with content for your pages. Sharing what CFRW posts helps our organization to promote Republicanism, the Republican Party, Republican candidates and Republican politicians at a time when they need our support! Getting our name out there helps promote new membership – and we want our state to be #1! Here are the addresses for each of our social media pages: Truth Social – Right now you can only access Truth Social using an iPh...

CFRW Now On Truth Social!

CFRW President Janet Price requested that the California Federation of Republican Women set up on Truth Social as quickly as possible and the CFRW Tech Team swung into action.  Today we received an email inviting us to get set up in Truth Social and quickly got into the new platform and started making friends!

CAPITOL UPDATE #14 April 21, 2022

B-2248 – WATER QUALITY:  CALIFORNIA-MEXICO CROSS-BORDER RIVERS - Current law establishes the California-Mexico Border Relations Council in state government, chaired by the Secretary for Environmental Protection

CAPITOL UPDATE #13 April 14, 2022

AB-2193 – CIVIL REPRESENTATION:  IMMIGRATION STATUS Existing law, the Sargent Shriver Civil Counsel Act, requires legal counsel to be appointed to represent low-income parties in civil matters involving critical issues affecting basic human needs in courts selected by the Judicial Council.

CFRW Membership Secretary Stacey Backstrom Wins Award

Congratulations to Stacey (Santley) von Backstrom, who worked on several Orange County campaigns and was involved in many republican clubs as a board member, guest speaker, regarding the importance of elections and volunteer grassroots efforts.

CAPITOL UPDATE #12 April 7, 2022

This bill... states that a person will not be "subject to civil or criminal liability or penalty" based on their actions with respect to their pregnancy or actual, potential, or alleged pregnancy outcome including miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion or perinatal death."