Chico Republican Women

Club Details

Region: Region 2 – North Central
County: Butte
Club: Chico RWF
Address: PO Box 6553
City: Chico 
Zip: 95928

Members Details

President: Pat Jones
First Vice President:  Peggy Ferenz
Second Vice President: Jenna Duckhorn
Third Vice President:  Lee Flournoy
Fourth Vice President: Meg Vogel
Parliamentarian:  Dee Yount
Recording Secretary: Peggy Ferenz
Treasurer: Loretta Torres
Membership Chair: Lee Flournoy
Per Capita Chair: Lee Flournoy
Web Manager: Sherry Gillis
Ways & Means: Meg Vogel
Publicity: Jenna Duckhorn
Newsletter Chair: Ron Lassonde
Reservations: Peggy Dudman
Past Presidents: Kristine Anderson & Loretta Torres
Hospitality Chair:  Molly Rooney
Sunshine Chair:  Connie Moore
Awards: Kris Anderson
Chaplain:  Michele Jordan
Americanism:  Dina Rabo & Kirsten Southham

Chico RWF Membership Application Form

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Meeting Place

Date: 3rd Thursday of the Month
Time: 11:30am
Address: Various venues.  Email us for more information at

Chico Republican Women Federated is an active, well-populated club that welcomes new members.  We have a very popular Facebook page with over 2 million reached in 2020 and a website that enables people interested in joining to do so online.

We had #WalkAway Campaign founder Brandon Straka as a speaker to 200 at our event in November, 2019 and sponsored him to speak at Chico State University for the Chico State Republicans, which garnered national attention due to the protests by leftist, hateful students.  However, there were 300 in attendance at CSUC, with 300-400 outside that were unable to come in because the event sold out.  We are dedicated to helping Democrats walk away from the Democrat Party!

We worked tirelessly to elect a Republican majority to the Chico City Council in November 2020, alongside other fired up citizen groups in Chico, and were gratified to win every single CCC seat!  Our new, conservative CCC members were sworn in recently, chose a conservative for the new Chico Mayor, and immediately made it illegal for homeless drug addicts to sleep in our once beautiful public parks.  We’re really excited about the changes that are taking place in Chico.  

Come join us as we work with our local politicians, the Central Committee, our state and federal politicians to Keep America Great.  The Membership Application Form is at the top of this page and it is easy to join!  We need you!