Author: Sherry Gillis

CAPITOL UPDATE January 29, 2021

Here are the bills we are following for you: TAXES: AB 243- Personal income tax: deduction: medical expenses. The Personal Income Tax Law allows various deductions for the medical and dental...

CAPITOL UPDATE for January 24, 2021

Governor Newsom released his proposed 2021/2022 budget on January 8th before the required deadline of January 10.

CAPITOL UPDATE January 14, 2021

The January 14, 2021 Capital Update discusses and analyses changes in bills pertaining to the California state budget, housing, water and agriculture, among several other topics of interest to CFRW membership and the public.

CAPITOL UPDATE January 7, 2021

Wasting no time getting to the mindful and the mindless, here are some of the bills our California legislators have already introduced for the 2021-2022 legislative session.

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Youth For America

Scholarship applications are mailed to State Federation Presidents at the beginning of the year.

Action Alert Election Training

Capitol Update September 24, 2020

VOTE NO TO REPEAL Senate Bill 10. Keep monetary bail.  Monetary bail has worked effectively throughout America's history to ensure that a suspect who is released on bail before trial will keep his or her promise to return to court for trial.

Capitol Update September 17, 2020

Proposition 15 AKA "Calif. Schools and Local Communities Funding Act" / AKA "Tax on Commercial and Industrial Properties for Education and Local Gov't. Funding Initiative" / AKA PROP. 13 SPLIT-ROLL TAX INCREASE

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